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2024. Apr.





Gate opening:




Beton.Hofi duly burst into the world of domestic new-wave hip-hop.

 The first, 'comic sins', published in June 2021. mixtape was a huge critical and audience success, after the release of 'Playbánia', released in 2022, even though it became clear that he would be a defining light music performer in the years to come. With its unique soundscape, (self-)reflective lyrics, hypnotic stage presence and enthusiastic fan base, calling itself the 'Citromail Gang', it quickly secured its place on the main stages of clubs and festivals. Following the theme of the upcoming third mixtape, the MVM Dome concert on April 13, 2024 was titled Hungary-Hungary 0:0 (The match is already decided).

Ladies-Gentlemen! Hungary - Hungary, amazing pace, very dense, but so far no hits in a match at half time: 0:0 i.e. zero:zero During the break, while the teams put their heads together, the favorite of many, Beton.Hofi and the Citromale Gang, will perform their songs, the match will soon resume, Go Hungary, Hungarians go for it!

Artist pages:

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