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The legendary band is preparing for the biggest indoor concert in its history on 30 December 2024 at the MVM Dome in Budapest. András Lovasi and András Kispál will perform a selection of the best songs of the last four decades.

Kispál and the Borz, arguably the most influential and influential band on the Hungarian alternative music scene, will perform at the MVM Dome on 30 December 2024. Formed in 1987, the guitar band said goodbye to their audience in 2010 after 10 studio albums and at the height of their rising success, only to fulfil their promise that they would not be their own "tribute" band without creative work. Instead of nostalgia parties, each member found their own reckoning: audiences were quick to acknowledge that András Lovasi, who led the band Kiscsillag, did not have to say goodbye to fresh songs and lyrics, and that he himself had proved with three solo albums, the 2017 Lovasi50 arena concert and his subsequent continuous touring that he was far from running out of the much-vaunted "creative energy". Dióssy D. Ákos fulfilled his potential as a keyboard engineer, while becoming a regular "understudy" at Pál Utcai Fiúk concerts.

András Kispál, the eponymous composer, first used his characteristic guitar skills in the band Velőrózsák, then apparently retired, but during the pandemic the Kispál-Lovasi pair found each other again in small garden concerts. In 2022, Kispál and the Badger announced their return to Kispál on Orfù, their own festival, and released two new songs, leaving no doubt that they could pick up where they left off. At the same time, they announced a concert in Budapest Park, which sold out at record speed, and ended up having a sold-out encore. Next year, on 30 December 2024, they will play the biggest indoor concert in their history at the MVM Dome, where the band's core line-up (András Lovasi - vocals, bass, András Kispál - guitar, Ákos Dióssy D. - keyboards, Ferenc Bajkai - drums) will be expanded with exciting guest musicians and singers.

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