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2024. Apr.





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Lara Fabian's amazing concert at the MVM Dome.

Koncertpromo and Art&Culture, in cooperation with BPM Group, proudly announce that Lara Fabian, the world-famous singer, will give a special concert on April 30, 2024 at the MVM Dome in the heart of Budapest.

The event is part of Lara Fabian's "Je T'aime" tour, which is captivating audiences around the world.

Roland Horváth, the owner and managing director of Koncertpromo, said about the concert: "We are extremely happy that we managed to join Lara Fabian's tour at the last minute. This concert will not only be a musical event, but a real cultural experience for all of us, and we are very proud to be able to bring it to Hungary for the second time." Lara Fabian is an internationally celebrated artist who transcends the boundaries of a typical pop singer.

He conquered the world thanks to his Belgian-Canadian origin and versatile talent, boasting more than 20 million albums sold. He sings his love of life and music in several languages, including Italian, French, English and Spanish, which convey his intimate feelings and messages. Throughout Lara's inspiring career, dozens of awards and nominations, as well as various world tours, reflect her musical diversity and lasting influence in pop culture.

Don't miss this special occasion where Lara Fabian performs her classical compositions live, where each note resonates with deep emotion.

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Buy a VIP ticket and get a great accommodation offer!

Here's a good tip: the recently opened TRIBE Budapest Stadium hotel, located just steps away from the MVM Dome, offers a discounted booking option for VIP ticket holders. Exclusive experiences in the Dome, comfort next door - be our VIP guest!

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