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2024. March





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Majka will bring a wonderful concert experience to the MVM Dome on March 23, 2024!

Fans have been waiting for it for a long time, and now is finally the chance to catch a unique musical experience. Majka, one of the country's most popular and versatile performers, will make the spring of 2024 unforgettable with an amazing show. The special feature of the concert held in the MVM Dome is that the stage is located in the middle of the arena, so fans can enjoy the spectacular show from all directions.

This is the first time that a Hungarian performer performs a concert on the center stage in the MVM Dome, and Majka proudly accepts this challenge. No one needs to introduce our country's number one rapper and most popular television face. It is also well known that he has an exceptional talent for entertainment, often in the form of groundbreaking attractions. The title of the "MAJKA 360°" concert refers to the spatial experience that will be provided by the stage located in the middle of the arena.

"It is a serious challenge to provide a technical experience in terms of sight and sound, as well as to play this space as a performer. We would like the audience to be a little more part of the party together with us, who will be on stage," says the rapper, who is preparing for the unusual attraction with Mónika Nika Veres, his great band, dancers and countless attractions.

Due to its amphitheater nature, the imposing facility of the MVM Dome is the perfect venue for such a performance. The "Majka 360°" concert plans to use hundreds of lights, extra sound and visual technology to explode the Whistleblower, Belehalok, Mininki dansolt and dozens of other hits into an unusual package so that the audience located anywhere in the huge space will have an unforgettable experience.

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