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2024. Oct.





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POWERWOLF- Wolfsnächte Tour 2024: 22 October at the MVM Dome! The 2022 Wolfsnächte tour will continue in 2024, and the Budapest stop of the gigantic 16-stop tour will be the biggest and most spectacular Powerwolf concert ever in Hungary on 22 October at the MVM Dome!

There's no doubt that Powerwolf has been on top in recent years, becoming a favourite of millions not only in Europe but worldwide. They have become an inescapable and dominant force on the scene, in fact, even those who might not be so keen on their style cannot help but be impressed. They have created a visual world and an image that goes beyond the otherwise very likeable and accessible metal music. Yes, because it's not just about the music anymore. Powerwolf is a phenomenon, a community.

The songs ring in our ears, we hum the chorus wittingly or unwittingly, while on stage we see not a concert, but a performance, a theatre. With awe-inspiring scenery, pyrotechnics and show elements, it is a truly goosebump-inducing experience. Whether you are a rocker or not.

The captivating and spectacular show has been seen in this country several times before, but in 2024 Powerwolf is going for its biggest bang in its biggest domestic venue yet, so get ready Budapest, get ready wolves!

Along with Swedish power metal icon HAMMERFALL and Italian fantasy, power metal WIND ROSE, Wolfsnächte Tour 2024 will hit 16 stops.



Wind Rose

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Here's a good tip: the recently opened TRIBE Budapest Stadium hotel, located just steps away from the MVM Dome, offers a discounted booking option for VIP ticket holders. Exclusive experiences in the Dome, comfort next door - be our VIP guest!

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