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    What is the easiest way to approach the MVM Dome if I am not arriving by car? You can come by metro, tram, bus, Főtaxi and even a Lime scooter, as the micromobility partner of MVM Dome is Lime Technology Kft. I am going by car to one of the events organized in the MVM Dome, where can I park? We take care to make your unforgettable experience comfortable, so we also provide parking spaces that can be purchased in advance for all events held in the hall. The purchase is very simple, all you have to do is to print out the ticket or bring it with you on your electronic device on the day of the event, that's already paid through the electronic interface of OTP Simple Pay. Can you buy a parking ticket on the spot? Parking tickets can only be purchased online at If you do not have a pre-purchased parking ticket, it is not worth trying to drive at Fék Street, because entering without a parking ticket is not permitted. On the day of the event, when can I enter the P1A/P1B/P2/P3 parking lot with my pre-purchased parking ticket? It is possible to reserve the parking spaces 1 hour before the gates open. The concert for which I have a ticket is in 3 months, when can I buy a parking ticket? We usually start selling parking tickets a few weeks before the given event. It is worth following the social media platforms of the MVM Dome to be among the first to know about the start of ticket sales. I am in a wheelchair/with limited mobility, what options do I have? Where and how much for can I park? Our P1A and P1B parking lots have a limited number of disabled parking spaces. Get your parking ticket online at in advance. How much does a parking ticket cost? More information on ticket prices can be found in the information of the given event. I bought a parking ticket, the money was deducted from my card, but I didn't receive an email. What to do? Please also check the spam folder in your email account, and if you can't find it there either, go to your registered account on the website and look for it in your profile under the parking tickets tab. If you still can't find it either way, send the proof of the purchase transaction and the event and parking lot you tried to buy tickets to
    Is it possible to buy tickets on the spot? The opening hours of our ticket offices depend on the event and are temporary. No event is organized by the MVM Dome, and there is no permanent ticket sales on site. In connection with individual events, you can find information about personal ticket sales on the specific ticket sales page or from the organizer. Where is the ticket office and when can I buy tickets in person? It is located next to the main entrance of the MVM Dome. The opening hours of our ticket offices depend on the event and are temporary. Due to the fact that no events are organized by the MVM Dome, there is no permanent ticket sales on site. Do I have to print the entrance ticket? For most of our events, it is enough to present the tickets by phone, but it is also worth checking on the ticket sales page. I am coming with my minor child, do I need to buy a ticket for them? In all cases, tickets must be purchased from the age specified by the organizer of the event. Information can be found on the official page of the given event. Where can I buy a VIP ticket? Go to! 😉 I would like to rent a Skybox, who should I contact? You can request a price quote at and our colleagues will contact you in a few days.
    Is there a safe deposit and a wardrobe? Basically, the MVM Dome has a cloakroom and a safe deposit box, but given that no event is organized by the MVM Dome, it is worth asking the organizer for further details. What size package is allowed to be brought in? In each case, this is decided by the organizer of the given event, however, in general, bags smaller than A4 size may only be brought in. I left some of my personal items, who can I contact? Please write to What are the dining options? Our buffets offer snacks, sandwiches and even hot food options. In addition to all this, depending on the event, you can also choose from alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Is the building accessible? Movement in the house is barrier-free, we have not only escalators, but also elevators, which our guests with special needs can use freely. Is there an ATM in the building? No, there isn't. What do you need to know about the RePohár system? RePohár has been introduced in the buffets of the MVM Dome, the one-time fee of the cups is 400 HUF. You can exchange your RePohár for a token at the counter at any time, which you can exchange for a cup again later. Where can I find the smoking area? The MVM Dome has a designated smoking area, ask our colleagues at the information desk at the main entrance for more information, and it is worth paying attention to the informational materials displayed on the TVs. Is it possible to pay in cash in the building? Cash is already a thing of the past, in the MVM Dome guests can pay everywhere with their own bank card. You don't need to take care of large amounts of cash, no more fiddling with your change or wallet, just one touch is enough to pay. All transactions are fast, convenient and secure, so you don't have to expect long queues at buffets and merchandise counters. Where can I find the first aid room? The use and opening hours of the first aid rooms also depend on the layout of the given production. It is worth inquiring on the spot and paying attention to the posted information boards. I heard that online food ordering is available in the MVM Dome, how should this be imagined? We solve the problem of queuing with an exclusive, digital service. At MVM Dome concerts and sports events, our visitors can pre-order food and drink packages with their mobile phones. Anyone can order what they can pay for without leaving the stand, you only have to go to the buffet to pick it up. Everyone can pick up their pre-placed and paid order in a so-called 'fast queue' created for this purpose. All you need to register your orders is a quick pre-registration, which is recommended before visiting the event at The phone will simply show the steps and status of the order, as well as the nearest cafeteria where you can pick up the order. You can pick up the purchased products at the buffet by presenting the code.
    When will the gates open? When does the event start and end? On the surfaces of the MVM Dome, we try to collect and share all relevant information with you, however, only the organizer can provide official information about the events. If you have any questions, contact the organizer of the event by e-mail or visit the event's official website. The concert is canceled and I want to return my ticket, what should I do? Given that no event is organized by the MVM Dome, you can find information about ticket refunds on the relevant ticket sales page or from the organizer.
    I would like to take photos at the next event, what kind of accreditation can you provide? In all cases, the organizer of the given event can help with press and media accreditation.
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